Collage of SPC Closure Event

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Arranged by Kevin Lane (SPC 1961-67), nearly 90 SPC Alumni gathered on Saturday 24 Nov 2018 to commemorate the 50 years since SPC Closure. They participated in a Cathedral Mass, procession & photo at the Tower, lunch and talks at ACU St Patrick’s Campus, the launch of the SPJC perpetual scholarship for an ACU student studying Teaching, a debate to decide if SPJC Greatest Days are in fact over and a tour of ACU, Cathedral Hall and its newly donated SPOCA Room. Eight of the 160 photos taken. Soon more photos and
Kevin Lane is putting together a ‘booklet’ of Saturday’s commemoration. The aim is for it to be a good record of the day’s events, from now into the future.

Anniversary of the Closure of the College on 24 November.

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Dear Patricians

Please note there are changes as part of the now ‘streamlined’ afternoon program at ACU

Attached is a reminder notice in respect of the anniversary of the Closure of the College on 24 November.

Please email acknowledgement of your interest. An advice form is attached for lunch booking.

Kind regards

Gavin Wayland
0413 737 146


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The committee invites all alumni to nominate a Notable with no more than 2oo words why you have nominated the alumni.

Discuss and recognise notable St Patrick’s College East Melbourne (SPC) Alumni, as part of theSt Patrick’s Old Collegians Association (SPOCA) role as custodian of the history and memory of the College. Implement the initiative now,in the 50th anniversary year of the College closure,in the 164th year since SPC opened in 1854 and while contact is maintained among at least 400 of the estimated remaining 600 alumni.
St Patrick’s College East Melbourne was and remains an important institution. It was the first Catholic Secondary College and the pioneer Seminary for priestly formation in the newly established town of Melbourne.
SPC was the first work of the Irish Jesuits in Australia, from which all Jesuit Colleges along in the eastern states of Australia and in New Zealand, all original parishes in suburban Melbourne and many social justice ministries evolved.
A set of guideline criteria is important for this SPC initiative. The suggested guideline criteria include that the proposed alumni

1.    SPOCA will form a Notables Sub-Committee (NSC) of diverse ages, skills and experiences to receive and evaluate notable alumni proposals.


SPOCA -SICJ Alliance

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Paul Lewis - Deputy Head Master at Saint Ignatius College Geelong has summarised the ethos observed by SICJ.


Finding God in All Things

Spiritual Exercises

 Give thanks/ Know your sins/ Examine how you lived the day /Ask Forgiveness/Resolve to amend

Characteristics / Vision  Life as a gift.     Imagination.Emotion and Intellect. FindingGod in all things.   Critical awareness of evil. Discernment.      Leaders in service building a more just and humane world.    
Ignatian Teaching   Seeks to develop men and women of competence, conscience and compassion.
AMDG           Ad Majoriem Dei Gloriam“For the great glory of God”        Motto of the Jesuits
Jesuit Partner schools
Our School motto “Amare Et Servire”To Love and To Serve  
“Ignatian” or “Jesuit”
Ignatian – aspects of spirituality from Ignatius the lay person
Jesuit – aspects from the later Ignatius and his       Religious Order, the Society of Jesus / the Jesuits.
first three letters of Jesus name in Greek. Symbol of the official seal of the Jesuits
latin for “more”. Ignatius – always striving for more.
Town in northern Spain where Ignatius had powerful spiritual experiences.

Philanthropy Talk at 10 August 2018 Annual Dinner

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What is Philanthropy Talk by Gavan Woinarski?
Quite simply, philanthropy is the love of humankind. It involves the giving of time, information, services and money to improve the wellbeing of humanity and the community. Therefore, if people are described as philanthropic it says something about their character and Values, more than their wealth.
Philanthropy’s best advocate is your voice and its most potent partner is leadership. Money is the third element. People’s advocacy and commitment combine to form leadership; donations will follow. People often use philanthropy and fundraising as synonyms,; they are not. Fundraising is transactional and philanthropy is relational. Philanthropy responds to a Vision, fundraising to a cause.Philanthropy is so often associated with money. However, giving money is generous but not always philanthropic. The most important element is your voice. Lending your voice shows commitment and its unwavering and resolute consistency is part of leadership.
To illustrate the importance of someone’s voice try and think about some contemporary household names that we might nominate as outstanding Australian philanthropists. I suspect recent wealthy men who have made large donations will come to mind. this may be the case but I propose a different way of thinking for your consideration. One, who must remain anonymous, has invested many millions and countless hours developing then establishing a unit at the University of Melbourne devoted to positive psychology. All undergraduates now study this unit and the expressed intent is to ensure young people learn about and appreciate the benefits of being positive. What a remarkable legacy to initiate.The benefits for mankind will be untold. There is very little public recognition for the donor but enormous pride and gratitude in achieving something unique. However, in my view it is still the voice that stands out compared to those who have pledged a lot of money. I propose for your consideration that Australia’s most successful philanthropist in the last couple of years has no money and has little capacity to make large donations. Her name is Rosie Batty. She lent her voice and her voice has promoted profound changes in our nation. Australians now talk about family violence and the need to eradicate it. As a result of her voice government policies have changed, agencies’ behaviours are changing and the allocation of resources (money) has increased. Her voice has been more powerful than a large cheque. So if the voice is such an important part of philanthropy then the highest priority for an organisation wanting to develop a culture of philanthropy is to engage people. Connect and inspire might be a suitable motto.
32 Brunswick Street Fitzroy 3065

Final Info/Registration Form 50 Years Commemoration

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50 Years Commemoration
Saturday 24 November 2018
St Patrick’s Old Collegians’ Association invites:
All Old Patricians, SPOCA members, families and friends
to a commemoration, 50 YEARS after the closure of the College in 1968
Morning: ‘The Past - Saint Patrick’s College, the Cathedral, the tower, the schoolyard’
At Cathedral Place, East Melbourne
Themes: ‘Semper et Ubique Fidelis’; ‘More than a School’.

Afternoon: ‘The Future - from schoolyard to campus’
At Cathedral Hall, The Australian Catholic University - Saint Patrick’s Campus
Themes: ‘Looking & moving forward’; ‘Patricians coming together, 50 years on’.

You are welcome to attend either morning or afternoon sessions, or both.

RSVP – Essential for luncheon catering purposes Luncheon fee: $20 per person
- Not required for morning session
RSVP (booking & payment) should be made by Sunday 11 November to:

Biography of John Drury SJ - Michael Head

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2004 SPOCA Annual Dinner

John Drury was the sixth child of eight, from a strong, zealous, Catholic family. His father was a musician who ran a store that sold musical instruments and offered music lessons. Music was an important part of family life, and Drury showed this talent later at Riverview with his commitment to liturgical music. He had a fine voice.

Drury was a genuinely loved family man. He was a good, cheery company and was always present when the family need succour and understanding. He participated in family marriages and anniversaries, as well as funerals. Indeed, his whole life was for others, and people loved him for his generous, giving spirit.


St Patrick's Old Collegians - Gavin mesage re dinner 10 August

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Dear Patricians

There have been many significant dates through the 164 years of SPC history. This year of 2018 is one of those for SPOCA, being 50 years since we have had any new additions to our ranks.

But we want to look forward, as well as back. So in addition to a memorial on 24 November 2018 remembering the day the last students left SPC (see them racing out the gate on the attached flyer), SPOCA will reinforce the SPC legacy by endowing a teaching scholarship. This is to acknowledge our gratitude for what St Pat's and the Jesuit and lay teachers gave us and to contribute to a continuation of good education for others.

The schedule of events for the remainder of the year includes:
•    The annual Dinner for 2018
•    A 50 year reunion of the class of ‘68 on 1 September 2018
•    The 50th anniversary of the last day of school, 24 November 1968

To balance this schedule the annual Dinner will this year be held on 10 August at the usual venue Green Acres Golf Club. The notice and booking form is attached.

At the Dinner there will be several initiatives announced:
•    A teaching scholarship
•    The 50 Notable Patricians (“Team of the Century”) nominations
•    The Patrician Anecdotes page on the website (

Paul Buttigieg is also leading an effort to refresh our contacts list which stands at 400 out of a possible 600. Please send him details (email and phone) of any Old Boys with whom you might be in touch. Paul is at Thanks to those who have already responded.

See you at one or all of the functions in the coming months.

Gavin Wayland
For committee SPOCA

Please confirm your current details by returning this note, preferably by email to














Geoff Fitzpatrick Queens Birthday Honors June 2017

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“Old Patrician, Geoff Fitzpatrick was recognized in the Queens Birthday Honors in June 2017, with a Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) for ‘ services to Interior Design and Industrial Design’. 

Geoff was invested at Government House in October 2017, by The Hon Linda Dessau AO, Governor of Victoria. 

Geoff currently acts in the role of Design Ambassador for the Design Institute of Australia, the national body representing professional designers in Australia since 1947.”

50 years later and still racing

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SPOCA DINNER NOTICE and BOOKING FORM 2018                                                                                

Green Acres Golf Club                                                    

51 Elm Grove    Kew East 3102          ref Melways 45 G1   


Friday 10 August 2018      at 6.45 for 7.30pm             


Dinner fee:    $70 per person               

Drinks available at bar prices                                             Dress: Formal (Lounge suit or equivalent)

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