3rd and Final Edition 2019 Patrician

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Dear Patricians,

Gavin has sought to check the claim that Pat is the OLP. There are older people still on the mailing list, but Gaynor suspects that they might not still be with us. There are 4 dated Matric 1940, including Pat. It seems reasonable that we can make the claim that Pat is the OLP. It might draw out a counter claim.

Watch out for the following 2020 activities:

·       Release of the school song, sung by alumni at the 2019 dinner Early 2020

·       2020 Saint Patrick’s Day Mass, lunch and AGM at ACU March 2020– this will include if possible an announcement of who is to be awarded the inaugural SPJC ACU teaching scholarship

·       Anzac Day Mass in the Xavier Chapel

        Opening of the reinvigorated Xavier/SPJC archives at Xavier College April 2020

·       The SPOCA Annual ‘Dinner’ in November 2020

·       Release of a discussion paper for the SPOCA Five Year Plan April 2020

In 2020 we will also be adding to our Notables list.

I think we can all agree its been a wonderful and colourful 50th year for SPOCA with many highlights.

May I wish all Patricians a happy Christmas and an exciting excellent 2020.

     God bless

       Paul Buttigieg

SPOCA Dinner 15 November

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Fellow Patricians,

Be part of the Photograph at the 2019 SPOCA Dinner!

This has been the first quiet social year for SPOCA since 2014 – no Jesuit anniversaries, no milestone reunions, no SPC Ireland tour and no closure commemorations. Enjoy the milder November weather this year at the SPOCA Dinner at Green Acres Golf Club on Friday 15 November.

In addition to the dinner’s main purpose of catching up with your school-mates, our film maker Steve Bowman (SPC 1949-54) will propose the toast to the Jesuits and the College and tell us how the film “SPJC – Our School Reflections” came about.

You will see a 10 minute highlights reel of the film, which includes extracts from school movies from several eras and interviews with 60 to 90 yo alumni. A recording of our school song by the Xavier College Choir will also be shown.

The Reflections movie will be launched on the night and DVD copies will be available for purchase with a launch night discount.

 Other features will be:

  • an update on the inaugural St Patrick’s/ACU perpetual scholarship
  • a report on the Jesuit Partner School support initiatives
  • the consolidation of hundreds of SPC memorabilia items in the expanded Xavier College Archives and the 2020 plans for opening the archives for viewing
  • recording of a filmed and accompanied alumni rendition of “Semper Fidelis”, our 1960s SPC school song. All present will form the SPC Choir for the evening.

 An evening not to be missed, so please complete and return the attached booking form. Partners (and drivers) are most welcome.

Semper et ubique fidelis

Gavin Wayland (SPC 57-65)

SPOCA website:


SPOCA Dinner 2019 - Nov 15

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Dear Patricians,

SPOCA Annual Dinner in 2019 is on November 15. Earlier start time of 6:00 pm

Following the 50th anniversary commemoration in November last year, in 2019 we have the opportunity to continue the recollections.

A professional video has been generously produced by SPC alumnus Stephen Bowman (1949-55). The film, which includes archival footage and still images, importantly captures today’s Reflections of a dozen Patricians who attended SPC between 1937 and 1968. Key events and significant teachers of the College’s last 30 years are remembered by these eye witnesses.

St Patrick’s College East Melbourne – Our School Reflections will be launched at the Annual Dinner where copies will be available for purchase for a nominal cost.

You are invited to enjoy these recollections and to reflect on and share your own memories. You can do this by joining colleagues at this special Dinner or by sending your thoughts, memories and memorabilia to SPOCA for inclusion in our ongoing collection, now under the sustained care of the Xavier College Archives.

Those who attend the Dinner this year will also have the opportunity for their voices to be recorded for posterity in a filmed accompanied choral version of “Semper Fidelis”, our School Song which was first publicly presented in Cathedral Hall in December 1960.

Dinner bookings are now open. Please refer to the booking form attached.

Fresh faces will be welcomed. Familiar faces always are.

If you have email access please let us know as this enables more contact.


posted Aug 5, 2019, 9:55 PM by Saint Patricks


The  Committee Meeting on 17 July endorsed a proposal that we develop a five year plan to guide our policy and actions during the 2020-2024 period.

*custodianship of memorabilia

*the St Patrick’s Jesuit College Scholarship

*Partnership Schools

*Other School Alumni

*the timing of the inevitable SPOCA windback.

 A proposed approach to developing the plan is outlined below :

1.Develop a Discussion Paper covering the following  matters :

2.Obtain Presidents agreement to distribute paper  to Committee and Past Presidents for comment.

3. Paper to  be distributed  no later than 4 weeks before next Committee and comments sought no later than 1 week before that meeting.

4.Paper to be revised in the light of feedback received and submitted to the Committee for discussion and endorsement that it be distributed electronically to the Patrician community for comment

5.Patricians be invited to provide comments and/or participate in group discussion sessions in the SPOCA Room.

6.Draft Committee Paper to be prepared for Presidents consideration covering :

7.Paper to besubmitted for endorsement to a Committee Meeting before the end of 2019.

2nd Edition 2019 Patrician

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The second issue of the Patrician for 2019 is attached for your information.


Our new home, the SPJC Room at Cathedral Hall, will be open for inspection on Saturday 27 July as part of Open House Melbourne.

Volunteer Guides - Final Call! 

SPOCA members are acting as guides for OHM at Cathedral Hall on 27th July. Each half-day shift begins with a 15-minute preparatory briefing.

2 volunteers are needed for the morning shift: 9.45am – 12.30pm5 volunteers are needed for the afternoon shift: 12.15pm – 4pm

Contact:  Kevin Lane Tel: 0400 588 767 or Email:

SPOCA ACU Scholarship Update 5 June 2019

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This is the fifth update to all Patricians on the establishment of a permanently endowed scholarship scheme as a legacy of our old college.

The fund currently contains $107825 and we can confirm that the initial scholarship will be for $5000 which will be awarded for the 2020 academic year and be paid in two equal installments.

We have decided to continue to seek donations beyond the end of this financial year on 1 July.We have decided on this approach in order to:
Increase the number of individual donors to more than 100
Provide a larger buffer for the fund than we had intended
In order to claim a tax deduction for the current financial year, the donation must reach the ACU by 30 June

We would also again ask Patricians particularly those who have not been in a position to make  a donation at this point to consider making provision in their will for a donation to the fund.

We have commenced discussions with the ACU Scholarships Office on the detailed specifications for our Scholarship.Matters covered to date include:

As per section in previous updates.

Murray Cullinan

SPOCA President

John Ballard Thank You

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A heartwarming note of thanks to SPOCA from Dr John Ballard Associate Vice-Chancellor (ACU VIC) on the occasion of a thank you lunch in respect of the SPJC ACU Scholarship which has exceeded all of our expectations.

A sincere thanks to all of our Patricians who have contributed to its success in the many various ways of their contribution more than just a financial one.

SPOCA ACU Scholarship Update 4 - May 2019

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This is the fourth update (May 2019) to all Patricians on the establishment of a permanently endowed scholarship scheme as a legacy of our old college. $100,000 TARGET ACHIEVED! SPOCA has now raised the funds needed to provide a $5000 scholarship each year to a deserving student on an ongoing basis .Given that our fundraising activities in an average year provide about $10,000, this is a remarkable achievement and SPOCA again thanks all those who have contributed to our threshold target being met.





Donations to the SPOCA Scholarship Fund can be made via: Online by credit card

By bank transfer to: Australian Catholic University

By cheque payable to Australian Catholic University

StPJ College Scholarship @ ACU - Scholarship Update 3

posted Mar 10, 2019, 10:29 PM by Saint Patricks


This third update on the SPOCA Scholarship initiative includes details of the St Patrick’s Day Brunch at ACU on 17 March.


What happens when the fund exceeds $100,000?

What happens when SPOCA no longer exist?

What’s next?

Donations Details of how to make a donation were circulated by email on 25 February and are outlined below for your convenience.

We look forward to welcoming Patricians and friends to ACU on St Patrick’s Day. Mass will be celebrated in the Mary McKillop Chapel (entrance from Brunswick St) at 10 am. Brunch will be in the south cafeteria (entrance from Victoria Pde) at 11 am. $25pp by EFT to BSB 183334 account 123650392, or cash at the door.


posted Feb 24, 2019, 9:24 PM by Saint Patricks

Please consider - Closes June 30 2019.


* this initiative will establish a permanent legacy of St Patrick’s Jesuit College, East Melbourne.

* the 50th Anniversary of the closure of our college provides a once in a lifetime opportunity to leave a lasting legacy.

* ACU is a very appropriate partner. Its campus shares the name of our old College; it is within a stone’s throw of our former school; it shares our values and its students generally come from families of modest means. ACU is very supportive of SPOCA, and has recently provided the ongoing use of an office at Cathedral Hall to develop a College museum display.

* the Scholarship resonates strongly with SPOCA’s recent modest support for education related initiatives and will support a critical area for future generations:- quality, engaged teachers.

* this is the only occasion in the history of SPOCA that we have sought your support for fundraising on this scale.

* your donation will be a perpetual investment.

* every donor will be thanked.


The Scholarship represents a very ambitious initiative for the Patrician Community. We understand that the capacity of each Patrician to donate varies. Your committee simply asks everyone to consider making a gift of which you can be proud. Our objective is to inspire 111 Patricians to make a significant contribution to permanently endow this scholarship.

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