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posted Feb 29, 2020, 11:45 PM by Saint Patricks

Dear Patrician


The Committee decided in 2019 to undertake a review of the SPOCA’s objectives and activities over the next 5 years. Associations such as ours exist to serve the interests of their members and we can expect that interests among our 400 members may change over time as members age. It is vital to the Committee that as part of the review we hear your views about what the Association should best focus on in future years.


A SPOCA Past, Present and Future Discussion Paper is attached for your consideration. The paper reflects on the current objectives and activities of SPOCA and makes some suggestions for new activities in the future. The intent of the paper is to stimulate discussion among members and encourage feedback to the Committee.


I would encourage all members to read the discussion paper and provide feedback by 31 March 2020. There are two ways to do so.


1.       Members can contact Peter Rogan (one of SPOCA’s Vice Presidents) as follows:


Postal Address: 24/11 Nicholson St, Abbotsford 3067


Phone: 0419 394 069


2.       The Committee will also organize one or more discussion groups in the SPOCA room at the ACU Fitzroy Campus. A discussion group may be followed by a self-funded lunch at a local eatery. If you would be interested to attend a discussion group please contact Peter by phone,email or text.


We are particularly interested to hear your views about:


·        future directions for SPOCA;

·        your personal interest in any of the new activity groups suggested in the discussion paper;

·        your suggestions for other types of activities;

·        your views about SPOCA becoming involved in pastoral care for Patricians;

·        your suggestions about any desired changes to the annual dinner.


The Committee intends to complete the Review by mid-April 2020 and will greatly value your input.



Murray Cullinan

SPOCA President



Saint Patricks,
Feb 29, 2020, 11:45 PM