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Vince Symons Story

posted Dec 18, 2018, 8:08 PM by Saint Patricks

My most vivid memory of St Patrick’s is getting whacked in the backside with a squash racket in the handball courts in a friendly game with “Jack the Man” (alias Father John Drury)!  He reckoned I was standing in the way and wouldn’t  move – probably right!

It was a very pleasant surprise when out of the blue Peter Gaffney contacted me a few years ago and asked me what I had been up to since I left St. Pat’s.  Now he has dobbed me in to put it in writing for the Old Boys’ magazine.  Although officially I am not an ‘Old Boy’, I guess I qualify as an ‘old boy’ as I turned 80 last year.  Old Father Maloney at St. Pat’s used to say that you “do not know what life is all about until you turn 80” – you “are only a teenager till then”– probably right!

Michael Head (S.J.) sent me these two photos he took as a boy on the SPC Excursion to Harrietville and Mt. Feathertop (1963).  The first one is Michael Sutton SJ, a Jesuit Scholastic teaching at St. Pat’s  at the time, and the other one is (a young!) me on the same excursion). 


These other three I sent to Peter Gaffney.

The ‘Vince Symons Stand’ one shows (l. to r.)  Mark (my son – now a Police Detective), Vince (now old!)  and Alex (eldest grandson) Symons in front of the clubhouse/stand at the Tamworth Rugby Club;

The ‘Dinner Suit one’ is myself and wife Debbie with the Captain of the Queen Mary in February this year;

The ‘horse’ one is Debbie and self in our farm stockyard with Debbie’s horse Arnie (a year or so ago)!

Saint Patricks,
Dec 18, 2018, 8:08 PM