National Eucharistic Conference in Melbourne 1934

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At the Conference some events had 100,000 people attend. About 20 special events are accounted in the volume published the following year and one of them is a St Pat's Old Collegians Dinner

At the Dinner the Toast to the Papal Legate was made by Leo Kenny (one of the SPC
Notables listed in the Biographies Section) and a presentation was made by Charles Counsel who was at SPC in 1865 when Jesuit Fathers took on
responsibility for running the College.

In the attached file the following is highlighted:

Saint Patrick's Old Collegians Dinner

The Legate Toasted

Cardinal Macrory's Reply

Tribute to the College by the Cardinal

Expectations Amply Fulfilled

The Toast to the Archbishop

Address by Archbishop Mannix


Saint Patricks,
Aug 18, 2018, 3:33 AM